2023-07-05 16:37

What are the unique features and advantages of customized Sockolet from China

The unique features and advantages of customized Sockolet from China make it a popular pipe connection method, providing reliable, safe, and efficient solutions for various industries.


2022-10-24 15:15

The difference between the eight-character blind plate and the flange

The difference between the eight-character blind plate and the flange: From the appearance point of view, the board is generally divided into a flat plate blind board, a figure 8 blind board, a plug-in board, and a backing ring (the plug-in board and the backing ring are blind to each other). The large-scale blind plate is explained from the meaning of the word that its shape is like a figure of 8. One end of the blind plate is a blind plate, and the other end is composed of a throttling ring. When the fluid is conveyed, the throttling ring is used, and the blind plate is used when cutting off. , a bit like a shut-off valve, it can be used to shut off when the valve leaks. Its sealing performance is better. For systems that require complete isolation, it is generally selected as a reliable means of isolation. Large flange blind plates are generally divided into four types: forging, casting and forging, medium plate cutting and casting. Among them, the price of forging products is the highest, followed by medium plate, and casting and forging is the lowest. Casting is the most inferior process. The quality is good for forging and medium plate, and the casting and forging are slightly worse. There should be 2 shut-off valves before and after the figure 8 blind plate. When all of them are closed, change the state of the figure 8 blind plate. Common heat exchanger commissioning and standby, reactor commissioning and standby, nitrogen pipeline and process pipeline connection, etc. Another feature is the obvious identification, easy to identify its installation status. The main function of the large-sized blind plate is to completely isolate it, which is like the function of a gate valve whose performance is 100% reliable and will not be misoperated by human beings. The blind plate plays the role of isolation and cutting, and the role of the head, pipe cap and welding plug is the same. Due to its good sealing performance, it is generally used as a reliable means of isolation for systems that require complete isolation. The blind plate should be set at the part that requires isolation (cut-off), such as the port of the equipment, before and after the cut-off valve or between the two flanges. It is usually recommended to use a character-eight blind plate; a plug-in plate (circular blind plate) can also be used for one-time use parts such as pressing and purging.